The Importance of a Quality SPF

The Importance of a Quality SPF

Summer is here which makes us all very happy but we cannot reiterate enough the importance of a quality SPF or sunscreen. It’s absolutely essential that from a young age we also instil into our children the importance of using sunscreen and how easily it can come off if you are in a pool on holiday or swimming in the sea. And it’s not just when we are on holiday that we should be using SPF cream we should get into the habit of applying it here in the UK every day.

The key is to think about yours and your family’s skin, we don’t want your skin to get damaged by the summer sun, so we believe it is important to be informed about the dangers of sun exposure at all ages.

Sun exposure can be so incredibly bad for your skin because it induces chronic inflammation. This type of inflammation is a destructive process that leads to abnormal cell function and weakens skin’s immunity, specifically the immunity that helps skin repair itself. Sun exposure will weaken skin’s ability to repair damaged DNA so with repeated sun exposure, more mutated cells appear (pre-cancerous cells that will eventually cause skin cancer).

Sun exposure will also disturb many cellular functions and normal skin texture, resulting in discolouration, premature ageing, increased dryness and rough texture. It can also cause sensitivity and redness, as skin becomes photosensitive due to inflammation induced by sun. Damage from repeated sun exposure will be apparent later in life as leathery skin texture and accelerated skin ageing (earlier and deeper wrinkles and folds).

With Dr Shirin’s recent appointment as a Faculty Member of the highly acclaimed ZO Skin Health by Zein Obagi UK Academy which promotes excellence in skin health we definitely recommend their SPF Products. So if you want professional-grade sunscreen that protects against the full spectrum of harmful radiation, ZO Skincare is the key.

WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: Every sunscreen shields against the ultraviolet spectrum, but what about the damage caused by high-energy visible (HEV) radiation? This radiation, also known as “blue light,” can be just as harmful to skin. Defend your skin from the full range of rays with SPF offerings from ZO® Skin Health. Designed to help shield skin from both UVA/UVB and HEV light, and IR-A (infrared rays), each product has been endorsed and recommended for daily use by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Let us help you make the right professional sun protection choice for the whole family. Get in touch to book your skincare consultation today, call 0758 2061515 or email [email protected]