What’s the O Shot and How can it Help?

Whats the O Shot and How can it Help?


The O Shot

For many women after childbirth and as you age, your body can have drastic changes. Ailments that can really affect confidence and general feelings of femininity is a lowered sex drive but the most embarrassing can be a lack of bladder control and incontinence.

If during pregnancy and as we age we have forgotten to perform those all important pelvic floor exercises women can lose considerable control over their bladders and then the anxiety of this can cause endless trips to the toilet. Simple commutes to work or the school run can be moments full of fear if there’s no toilet stop en-route. Traffic jams, travelling, social events the list is endless.

Many women feel they must just suffer in silence or spend months trying to rework their pelvic floor. But here at Elite Aesthetics we have the perfect solution if you are suffering from a weak bladder or low sex drive. It’s called the O Shot and it’s becoming the latest treatment for many celebs.

This is a game-changing new treatment that is giving women back control of their bodies as well as their sexual desire. The O Shot can be performed in a lunch break and has no down time whatsoever.

So if you have been struggling in silence and too shy to discuss this with friends or family, do not despair as you don’t need to struggle with sexual dysfunction or urinary incontinence anymore.

The O Shot PRP injection has given many women dramatic results. The majority of women who have had the injection enjoy an increase in their sexual response like stronger and more frequent orgasms, decreased pain for those with dyspareunia (painful intercourse), tighter vaginal opening, increased lubrication, increased desire and greater arousal sensitivity from stimulation plus of course a reduced need to urine and decreases incontinence issues.


The O shot press

The O shot really does have many benefits for women:

The O Shot for Female Sexual Dysfunction

Painful sex in women, inability to orgasm and vaginal dryness can all manifest as female sexual dysfunction. The “O-Shot”, a revolutionary treatment from the creator the Vampire Facelift, can help you overcome sexual dysfunction and enjoy sex again. The O-Shot® (also called Orgasm Shot®) is a simple, nonsurgical, doctor-administered treatment that can augment and rejuvenate the Grafenberg spot (G-Spot), clitoris, and labia. PRP has been documented to improve lubrication, sensitivity, ease and intensity of orgasm by stimulating omnipotent stem cells. Achieving a great result also depends on the role of other factors like relationship, emotional, general health and hormonal wellbeing.

The O Shot for Urinary Incontinence

Some of the newest uses of the O-Shot® are to treat urinary incontinence. Patients have had amazing results using PRP in this way. Many women have come in with stress incontinence after having tried many of the current medications and treatment without success. We can often see full resolution of the incontinence after the one procedure.

The O Shot Treatment – How does it work?

Our Aesthetic Expert Dr Shirin Lakhani here at Elite Aesthetics will simply take some of your blood then extract the plasma and re-inject into the vagina. It’s a simple and fairly quick procedure that can have life changing results. Dr Shirin injects your body’s own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), which helps to improve the health and vitality. The O Shot also enables rejuvenation by promoting increased blood flow, which ultimately enhances the appearance. If you want to put a stop to your sexual health problems, try this procedure now!

Enhance your Sex Life with the O Shot Elite Aesthetics

The O Shot is one of many of our revolutionary treatments here at Elite Aesthetics. We offer treatments that will help you achieve beautiful, natural looking results using the latest technologically advanced treatments such as the O Shot. Call TODAY to find out more about our treatments.

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