His and Hers O-Shot and P-Shot

Intimacy is an important part of relationships, so if there are issues making it difficult for you or your partner to have sex, it can feel like a lack of intimacy is weakening the connection between the two of you. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it might be the perfect time to address any problems you have been having, so you can feel closer to your partner and happier in your relationship.


Elite Aesthetics is proud to offer the Orgasm Shot™ and the Priapus Shot™, two groundbreaking treatments for men and women to boost your sex life and improve your confidence and wellbeing.

O-Shot™ and P-Shot™ procedures work by taking a small sample of blood, which is then prepared by your practitioner before injecting your body’s own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) into areas on the penis or in the vagina. The PRP then stimulates the body’s omnipotent stem cells (cells that are capable of developing into any type of tissue), increasing blood flow to the area and boosting your satisfaction. The procedures take less than an hour and you can get back to your day without any downtime.

During the menopause, many women experience side effects including a decrease in their satisfaction, vaginal dryness and pain during sex. Difficulty during intercourse, and having trouble achieving orgasm can have an effect on your self-confidence, put a strain on your relationship, and lessen your quality of life overall. The O-Shot™ can help turn back the clock on your sex life, so you can feel positive, confident and bold in time for one of the most romantic days of the year!

The O-Shot™ helps to refresh and reinvigorate the G-spot, clitoris and labia, by improving sensitivity, lubrication, tightening the vaginal opening and making achieving orgasm easier, stronger and more frequent. It also decreases pain for women suffering from dyspareunia (pain or discomfort during intercourse) and can be incredibly successful at treating urinary incontinence. The appearance of the area is also revitalised, so you can feel confident in your sexuality and femininity, and happy with your sexual health. The O-Shot™ procedure also has a 94% “Worth It” rating on RealSelf, so you can see for yourself how effective it is.

The P-Shot™ is ideal for the 50% of men aged 40-70 who have experienced changes in their sexual performance and health that impact on their sex life. Erectile dysfunction (ED) can make intimacy difficult, and while drugs and treatments are available, they often involve taking out prescriptions and pills that can have negative side effects. The P-Shot™ activates blood flow to the penis, while also improving length and girth by 10-20%, without any side effects. The P-Shot™ can also be used to treat Peyronie’s Disease, which occurs when scar tissue grows inside the penis, causing a bend or curve in the shaft. This can make erections painful, making sex difficult or sometimes impossible. Peyronie’s disease is sometimes caused by injury, but can develop without an obvious cause. By stimulating blood flow to the area, it can help straighten out the curve of the penis. It also heightens sensation, and improves stamina to help spark a more satisfying sex life for you and your partner.

Our treatments are administered by Dr Shirin Lakhani, the first female doctor in the UK to provide the O-Shot™ and the P-Shot™ PRP treatments, and, due to her reputation and expertise, the UK trainer for such procedures. Dr Shirin is also one of the UK’s leading facial and body aesthetics doctors and medical skin care practitioners, and has been extensively featured in the UK TV and press, including a Cosmopolitan article about a successful O-Shot™ procedure at Elite Aesthetics.

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If you think the O-Shot™ or P-Shot™ might be right for you and your partner, and you want to rekindle your sex life together in time for Valentine’s Day, please call us today on 01322 686 184 to arrange a consultation.