Elite Aesthetics IV Drip

Tired? Burnt out? Dehydrated? Need a boost?

IV Infusions have become the secret weapon of tired or burnt-out celebrities, with Brad Pitt, Madonna, Simon Cowell and Rhianna, to name just a few, becoming fans.

Now, everyone can experience the incredible benefits, and improved well-being, provided by IV nutrition, and clinics around the world are starting to offer this treatment to clients looking for a real body boost.

Research shows that 90% of people are nutrient deficient, and 50% of those people are already taking a multivitamin!

Everyone is unique and so are their nutrient requirements. Our formulas provide an extensive range of IV Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids to cater for each individual need. After a consultation with our Dr, personalised formulations can be prepared to specifically address your nutrient requirement and health needs.




Why IV Drips?

More than 1 in 3 people take daily supplements and while we know they are beneficial, few people realize that the body’s natural absorption process can render up to 85% of a vitamin pill – so only 15% of the active nutrients may find their way into the bloodstream. With Intravenous Nutrition, the nutrients enter the bloodstream directly and immediately. Much higher concentrations of nutrients are delivered directly to the body’s cells through IV therapy, allowing the body to absorb and utilize these nutrients.



How does it work?

Intravenous or IV Nutritional Therapy using Intravita products delivers a specific cocktail of electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients directly into your bloodstream - intravenously through insertion of a cannula into a vein in your arm.

Is it safe and does it hurt?

No, it does not hurt. Once the drip has been inserted, patients sit comfortably and have the option to rest and relax or watch a film or TV series.

All the intravenous protocols and products used have been thoroughly researched and developed by a team of leading medical doctors, naturopathic doctors and nutritionists. The formulations and IM boosters ensure maximum effectiveness combined with minimal side effects.

Are there any side effects?

Minor side effects from this treatment include bruising and tenderness at the needle insertion point

What are the benefits of IV drips?

Intravita drips are aimed at improving the sense of physical, mental and emotional well-being and optimum health and wellness.
They are targeted to support the immune system, as an aid to anti-ageing, for energy enhancement and improved athletic performance as well as improvements in general health.



  • Procedure Time 30-45 minutes
  • Back to Work Immediately
  • Anaesthetic None
  • Downtime None
  • Duration of Results Most people will feel well immediately after completion of their first IV therapy and go on to feel a sense of general wellness and increased energy for several days.