The O Shot - A game-changing new treatment is giving women back control of their bodies as well as their sexual desire.

For many women, changes that happen as we age or after childbirth, such as loss of sex drive, or loss of bladder control can have a detrimental affect on confident, and generally feeling of femininity.

What would say if we told you that Elite Aesthetics can provide you with a shot which you can get administered directly into your vagina, which would increase your sexual desire, give you mind-blowing orgasms and even treat urinary incontinence… and all of this could be achieved on your lunch break with zero downtime?

The O-Shot (Orgasm Shot) From Elite Aesthetics

Women no longer have to struggle with sexual dysfunction or urinary Incontinence! While medical options have been available for men, there is now a female-specific treatment in the O-Shot!

The O Shot PRP injection has given many women dramatic results. Most women who have had the injection enjoy an increase in their sexual responses, including stronger and more frequent orgasms, decreased pain for those who suffer with painful intercourse (dyspareunia) tighter vaginal opening, increased lubrication, increased desire and greater arousal sensitivity from stimulation.

The O Shot as Treatment for Female Sexual Dysfunction

Painful sex in women, inability to orgasm and vaginal dryness can all manifest as female sexual dysfunction. The “O-Shot” a revolutionary treatment from the creator of the Vampire Facelift can help you overcome sexual dysfunction and enjoy sex again. It is also being used to decrease or resolve urinary incontinence in some female patients.

What is an O Shot?

The O-Shot® (also called Orgasm Shot®) is a simple, nonsurgical, doctor-administered treatment that can augment and rejuvenate the Grafenberg spot (G-Spot), clitoris, and labia. PRP has been documented to improve lubrication, sensitivity, ease and intensity of orgasm by stimulating omnipotent stem cells. Achieving a great result also depends on the role of other factors like relationship, emotional, general health and hormonal wellbeing. Elite Aesthetics are pleased to offer this treatment in our Kent based clinic – just 20 minutes from Central London.

What does an O Shot Cost?

£1200 - administered by Dr Shirin in our bespoke designed clinic. This will include a free follow up consultation which can take place in-clinic or over the phone, which ever is more convenient for you.

The O Shot – as Treatment for Incontinence

A common indication for the O-Shot® is to treat urinary incontinence. Patients have had amazing results using PRP in this way. Many women have come in with stress incontinence after having tried many of the current medications and treatment without success. We often see full resolution of the incontinence after the first procedure.
Platelet-Rich plasma (PRP) is blood plasma that has been enriched with platelets and it is being used to decrease or resolve urinary incontinence in some female patients. The procedure for this treatment is called O-Shot ®, which is the same procedure used in female sexual rejuvenation. Some women cannot exercise because of urinary incontinence while some leak urine whenever they cough, laugh or sneeze. By offering a one injection treatment for incontinence – The O Shot® offers women freedom effects of urinary incontinence.

How Does The O Shot Work?

The O Shot is the method of injecting the vagina with your body’s own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), which helps to improve the health and vitality of the area. PRP injections are commonly used as rejuvenating treatments for a range of medical issues. It’s a quick and simple procedure which offers life changing results.

The O Shot also enables rejuvenation by promoting increased blood flow, which ultimately enhances both the appearance and sensation within the area. If you are looking to treat women’s sexual issues, get in touch with Elite Aesthetics today.

The O Shot Treatment and Menopause

As menopause kicks in, many women can suffer with side effects which include decreased libido, painful sex, and vaginal dryness. In fact, an estimated 17% – 45% of menopausal women say that sex can be painful. The O-Shot offers women going through the menopause a treatment which can assist to eradicate these symptoms.

What Might be Causing the Problem?

Female sexual health, like all aspects of health, is complex and delicate. While men are known to suffer from erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety, women have a host of sexual issues they may face. These include:

    • Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder: Also known as low desire. With this condition, a woman suffers from an abnormally low libido.

    • Female Sexual Arousal Disorder: This issue and Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder typically go hand-in-hand. With this condition women have trouble becoming aroused.

    • Female Orgasmic Disorder: Women who suffer from Female Orgasmic Disorder can have sex comfortably, but have trouble achieving orgasm.

    • Dyspareunia: Also known simply as painful sex, this condition can cause intercourse to be a painful and frustrating ordeal.

Enhance your Sex Life with the Orgasm Shot - Elite Aesthetics

Here at Elite Aesthetics, you will find experts in the practice of aesthetic medicine, face, body, and skin rejuvenation.

As medical experts, we specialize in treatments that will leave you looking and feeling your best.

As a UK provider of the O-Shot – we are proud to be assisting women in treating sexual dysfunction, urinary incontinence and other sexual issues.  Dr Shirin is the 1st female doctor trained in the O-shot and is also the national trainer for O-Shot. Dr Shirin’s wealth of experience will ensure the best possible results for you. We follow a first class O Shot Procedure which you may not get with other O Shot Providers.

Patient Testimonial on the life changing benefits of the O-Shot for Incontinence.

Read our FAQ's on the O Shot

Why Should I Choose Elite Aesthetics for my O-Shot Procedure?

Our O-Shot procedure is carried out by Dr Shirin – a medical doctor with over 18 years’ experience. We take your treatment extremely seriously and one of a handful of clinics offering orgasm shot treatment in the UK. Furthermore Dr Shirin is a European trainer for the O-Shot and other Vampire PRP Procedures.

What Should I Expect During My O-Shot Procedure Appointment?

Dr Shirin will review your medical history. You will have an opportunity to ask questions should you have any.  A topical numbing cream is applied to the injection area (s). Your blood is then drawn and prepared. Once your PRP is ready, the doctor will inject into the desired area.  The entire visit will last approximately 60 minutes, and you can then return to your normal day with no downtime!

Does The O-Shot Treat Urinary Incontinence?

Many women report significant improvement of stress incontinence. There are many reports of total resolution of the problem.

Does The O-Shot Procedure Hurt?

Many women are quite comfortable during the treatment. The discomfort is often described as a mild pinch or mild sting, lasting only a few minutes. The numb feeling may last 1-2 hours after the procedure.

Is The O-Shot Safe?

There are no known major side effects reported from the O-Shot. As it is administered via an injection, bruising or swelling in the area can rarely occur.

Are There Any Side Effects Or Downtime With The O-Shot?

There have been no significant side effects reported with the o-shot treatment. Potential side effects can include temporary spotting after the procedure. You can return to work, exercise and any other activity the same day (including sexual activity).

Do I Need To Come Back For A Follow Up Visit After The Procedure?

Generally a brief phone conversation or office visit (15 minutes) at 4 weeks is recommended.  A plan for further care will be considered at that time.

Will I Need A 2nd O-Shot?

Some women choose to have a 2nd O-shot for various reasons. You may have a 2nd O-shot after 6-12 weeks should you desire.

There is no limit to the number of O-shots a woman can have safely. Evaluation by Dr Shirin is necessary to determine potential risk and benefit.

Can I Have The O-Shot Done If I Am Pregnant?

No, women who are pregnant or lactating should not have the O-Shot procedure.  If you are not sure – a pregnancy test will need to be done prior.  You will be asked to sign a document to verify that you are not pregnant or lactating at time of the procedure.

Can I Have The O-Shot If I Am Menstruating?

Yes, you can have the procedure done during menstruation. Anytime of the month in a woman’s cycle is acceptable.

Are There Any Guarantees With The O-Shot Procedure?

This is an elective procedure and there are no guarantees that you will achieve the desired results, however studies show that the desired outcome is achieved in over 80% of women. It may take more than one procedure to reach your desired goals.

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