As women age, there are signs that become apparent in the breast tissue.

These include

  • A change in skin colour due to a reduction in blood flow (the skin takes on a more grey appearance.
  • An increased droopiness in the shape of the breast and a crinkling of skin in the cleavage area, due to loss of fat.
  • A reduction in sensation in the areolar area which may multifactorial (breast feeding, post-surgery, aging)
  • Nipple inversion

The Vampire Breast Lift uses the same technology as the Vampire face lift to create fuller, perkier cleavage, and restore the appearance of the breasts. It was invented by Dr Charles Runels and was recently introduced to the UK in May 2015.

The procedure involves taking the patient’s blood, spinning it down in a centrifuge to separate the blood cells from the platelet rich plasma (PRP) and injecting this PRP into the breasts. The PRP is usually activated with calcium (chloride or gluconate) prior to injection, leading to the release of growth factors and optimization of the native wound healing environment. The growth factors cause fibroblast stimulation, remodelling, neovascularization, and enlargement and multiplication of adipocytes.

There is a mountain of research supporting the safety and efficacy of PRP in regeneration tissues. The majority of this stems from orthopaedics and wound healing but there is now growing evidence in the benefits of using PRP for cosmetic procedures.

PRP, mixed with fat has been used by doctors to help restore breast tissue for years without any record of serious side effect. This mixture has also been used commonly by breast surgeons for post-operative reconstruction after mastectomy for breast cancer and there has never been any serious side effects associated with the use of PRP.

The Vampire Breast Lift® is a minimally invasive procedure with no downtime. It is not suitable for everyone and it certainly is not a replacement for surgical implants. It is perfect however for improving the appearance of breast implants that may have rippled or started to show through the skin, and may even delay or stave off surgical correction. It is also suitable for women who do not want a dramatic increase in cup size, but do want in improvement in the texture, colour and fullness of the cleavage. It is also useful to improve sensation of the nipples, and scarring or irregularities of the breast.

The results are gradual, an initial result due to volume, wanes over the next couple of weeks, but is followed by the platelet driven rejuvenation, which takes 2-3 months.

PRP is not a new treatment, but its application in cosmetic procedures is relatively new. So far results are promising, with an excellent safety profile.