Face Winter Head On!

Winter is particularly difficult on the skin as central heating, harsh wind, and chilly weather can make your skin dry and flaky. A standard skincare regimen would hardly help in such times. Your skin needs more than just pampering to keep it healthy and glowing. Here are some of Dr Shirin’s quick tips to get you through this hectic season.

1. Choose a good skincare regime

Moisturising is not enough! Despite what we have been led to believe from a young age, slapping on a moisturiser does nothing to hydrate your skin. In fact it switches off your skin cells and stops your skin from rejuvenating and working from within.  ZO Skin Health specialise in range of products designed specifically to wake up your skin and keep it active to give you a rejuvenated glow.

2. Treat yourself to a facial

Whilst normal facials make your skin feel nice for a day or so, they do little beyond temporarily moisturising your skin. However, we at Elite believe in results driven treatments with true benefits. Hydrafacial is specifically designed to replenish the skin. Call us now on 01322 381205 to book what we’re sure will fast become your favourite facial.

3. Keep hydrated

Drinking enough water can help rid your skin of toxins. Regularly drinking enough can help restore a natural glow to your skin which often is left looking tired during the winter months. Or give your skin and body an added boost with our IV Vitamin Infusions.

4. Exfoliate

We often forget to help the skin slough off dead cells in the winter, particularly on our hands. Yet active products can’t get in if the dead cells are too plentiful. Find an exfoliator and use it on your face and your hands, as well as gently on your lips, then follow immediately with an active serum to truly see a smoother difference. Exfoliating body washes are also helpful in the winter months.

5. Don’t forget your sun cream

Remember that the sun’s UV rays can still damage our skin even if it doesn’t feel like it. A spot of factor 30 applied to the face each day can help balance skin’s youthful and radiant look. Read more about the importance of SPF.