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What is the P-Shot?

What is the P-Shot?

Elite Aesthetics has been doing P Shot treatments for over 7 years and has adapted and perfected the treatment, which is why we achieve such a high success rate. Dr Shirin is also the UK Trainer for the P Shot.

The P-Shot is a procedure that can address all degrees of Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease, Penile Lichen Sclerosis, lack of sensitivity or desire, premature ejaculation and shrinkage of the penile tissues.

The P Shot stimulates renewal and rejuvenate the tissue layers, resulting in firmer erection, enhanced sensation, and consistently confident performance.

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What our clients have to say…

“Dr Shirin is the most wonderful, kind and caring doctor. She has been able to help me when no one else could. After the P Shot treatments I was able to maintain an erection, which was not possible before because of my diabetes.”


“Elite Aesthetics are a lovely team that have helped me regain my confidence and also increased the size of my intimate area. Thank you for helping me”


“Dr Shirin is simply one of the best in the industry. She is knowledgeable, experienced and, probably most importantly, a kind, understanding and ethical Doctor. She knows what will work best for you and can advise you on what is worthwhile and what is not.”


Does the P Shot Work?

Does the P Shot Work?

The patient’s blood sample is spun to prepare the PRP injections. Then the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is injected into specific points in the penile tissue and instigates the attraction & multiplication of stem cells & fibroblasts inflow into the area. This then increases blood inflow resulting in stronger erections, size enhancement & higher sensation.

The P Shot is a 60 minute procedure that requires topical numbing cream or a nerve block, so there is no pain. There is no downtime, and results can be shown after three months.

P Shot Benefits

Did you know that over 60% of men deal with a form of sexual decline? This decline may leave many feeling unsatisfied and unable to enjoy intimacy and intercourse.

  • Enhanced sexual performance with firmer erections
  • Increased penile sensation
  • Some patients note an increase in penile length and girth
  • It helps combat penile pain if you suffer from pain
  • Increased strength, hardness, and straightness of the penis
  • Improved sexual performance, including longer-lasting sex
  • Increased pleasure due to restored feeling and sensation in the penis
  • Help Erectile Dysfunction related to diabetes
Still have questions? Read our FAQ's below

P Shot FAQ’s

Am I suitable for the P Shot treatment?

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The P shot is suitable for those who fall into any of these categories shot is suitable for those who fall into any of these categories P shot is suitable for those who fall into any of these categories:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Peyronie’s disease
  • Penile Lichen Sclerosis
  • Lack of sensitivity or desire
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Shrinkage of the penile tissues
  • Diabetes

We can also help with the number of other factors not listed here. Please book our consultation with our P Shot doctors, who can assess if you would be appropriate for this procedure.

Is the P Shot Safe?

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Yes, this treatment is safe when carried out by a doctor. Potential side effects will be discussed during your consultation. You can return to work, exercise, and do any other activity on the same day, including sexual activity.

How long will the P Shot results last?

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At Elite Aesthetics, we see many patients that only require a single treatment to resolve their concerns, whilst others will attend as required. Whatsapp Message us confidentially any questions you may have.

How long does the P Shot procedure take?

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The procedure will take 60 minutes.

Does the P Shot injection hurt?

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The P-Shot is painless, Dr Shirin will numb the area before treatment. Most patients experience only minor discomfort.

What can I expect?

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The P Shot procedure is a PRP injection placed in the penile tissue to improve blood supply and nerve sensitivity and increase the size and growth of the penis.  During your treatment, numbing will be applied before your procedure.

Is the P Shot permanent?

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You will need regular injections. Our doctors will arrange a bespoke treatment plan with you to achieve the best results.

Peyronie's Disease Treatment

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We have successfully treated many Peyronie’s Disease patients.

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