I Had a 15 Minute Non Surgical Nose Job

I had a non-surgical nose job

(Credit to Sophie)

The thought that you can get your ideal nose shape in under 15 minutes sounds impossible, but Dr Shirin Lakhani offers exactly that at her custom-made, immensely popular aesthetics clinic which is tucked away in Greenhithe, Kent. In less than the time it takes to run a mile, Dr Shirin injects the bridge of the nose with hyaluronic acid filler to create a smooth, heightened nose that before now, could only have been achieved through surgery.

Nose Job Kent Non Surgical Dr Shirin Elite Aesthetics Sophie

Although everyone (and I mean everyone) told me that my nose is just fine, I have always been unhappy with it. I think it’s a bit too wide and I really wish it wasn’t so flat. It’s been a bug bear for a number of years and, having worked in the aesthetics industry and learned about this treatment, I was desperate to try it.

‘Will it hurt?’ I asked Dr Shirin gingerly.

‘Yes, you’ll probably hate me for a little bit but it’ll all be worth it’.

Easy peasy, I thought. I have a high pain tolerance and, as the procedure’s name is prefaced with the words “non-surgical,” the whole thing certainly felt a lot less daunting.

Cut to when Dr Shirin pulled out the needle.

Like my first experience getting any type of injectable, the apprehension didn’t set in until I watched her prepare the superfine needle in front of me.

Before the injection process began, Dr Shirin walked me through exactly what she’d do to achieve the nose shape I desired — one that was higher and less wide. One which required less contouring and crucially offered an extra five minutes in bed in the morning and no editing required on my wedding photographs.

She said that she would inject along the bridge of my nose and a few times on the tip to give it more height. She would then use a cannula needle which would go up from the tip of my nose through to the bridge and enable her to drag the filler through to contour it.

Fear set in at that point. 

How many injections would this actually take? I thought.

Non Surgical Nose Job Kent Elite Aesthetics Dr Shirin

There was no numbing cream used for this and, before I could say ‘non-surgical nose job’ she pinched my bridge and started injecting. I could feel the sting of the needle piercing the skin and then the pressure of the needle and the filler. It felt like I had something stuck up my nose and that I wanted to sneeze.  When I say something, it felt like a piece of lego was up there.

With the above said, the pain really wasn’t that bad – considering the context. And beauty is pain, after all.

The faint clatter of the needle being placed back on the side offered a feeling of relief and I was handed a mirror to assess my newly sculptured nose.

If I’m completely honest, I nearly cried with happiness at the results.

Dr Shirin had listened to me exactly when it came to the results I wanted to achieve. It was a really, really subtle change but one that made a significant difference. The result looked completely natural but any ridges were completely smoothed out and, out of nowhere, a smaller button nose had been created.

I visited Dr Shirin for a final treatment where she added a further 0.5ml of filler to the tip of my nose and then, voila, the treatment was complete!

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty London Elite Aesthetics Dr Shirin

The results were so dramatic from the side profile that even my family (I hadn’t told them that I was getting the procedure at this point) began complimenting me on how “cute” my nose was.


If you’re considering undergoing treatment via a non-surgical nose job, make an appointment with a board-certified aesthetic doctor and/or cosmetic surgeon beforehand to figure out your options.

With my work in the aesthetics industry I’m well versed on the dangers of any aesthetic treatment.

This isn’t a treatment that you should rush into and it’s certainly not one to get done by a beautician at a cut-price rate.

Ask yourself why they’re charging you £80 for the filler. What is being injected into your face? When injecting into the nose, there are so many dangers involved which only a medically qualified, experienced aesthetic doctor will understand fully – at its worst this treatment can actually cause necrosis and blindness.


Anyone who has a:

• Slightly crooked nose

• Small nose that needs building up

• Hook shaped nose that would like straightening

• Mild to moderate bump on the bridge of the nose

• Mild to moderate drooping of nasal tip

• Nose that needs refinement after surgical rhinoplasty

• Nose that would like more height, definition and a nose tip

Most importantly, do this for you. In a social-media obsessed world remember that everyone is different and everyone is beautiful in their own way. But, if something does bother you, there are incredible doctors out there like Dr Shirin Lakhani who can offer the results that you’re after.

Prices for the procedure depend on the provider and the amount of filler required, but the average cost of a non-surgical nose job is typically around £450.