Elite Aesthetics – The Ethical Clinic

At Elite Aesthetics, we believe that patient safety is one of the most important responsibilities of any aesthetic clinic, and therefore, we strive to be the best we can be in this regard. Elite Aesthetics are advocates for greater regulation in the aesthetics industry, as we believe it is imperative to the continued success of the industry as a whole.

Dr. Shirin Lakhani is Elite’s very own medical director, practice leader and a fully-qualified doctor. Under her guidance, we are making great strides in becoming the industry leader in ethical aesthetic treatments. Having worked for the NHS after qualifying as a doctor in 1999 until founding Elite Aesthetics in 2013, Dr Shirin has gained experience in a wide variety of medical fields, including medicine, general surgery, urology and accident & emergency care, as well as training in anaesthesiology, where she was able to hone her specialist skill set in injection techniques and various practical procedures that she uses in her daily work at Elite Aesthetics today.

Elite Aesthetics - The Ethical Clinic dr shirin

Dr. Shirin also worked as a GP for several years, as well as undertaking a variety of postgraduate qualifications, including a diploma from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. She is registered with the GMC (GMC number 4634863), meaning she follows their Good Medical Practice guidelines extensively. This includes regularly undertaking training to stay up to date with best medical practice and the newest developments in the industry. She also regularly speaks at industry events and and writes for Aesthetics journals, including the Journal of Aesthetic Nursing, Aesthetics and Aesthetics Medicine, to share her expansive knowledge with others. Dr. Shirin strongly believes in the importance of medical professionals in the aesthetics industry, and is committed to treating all of our clients in the same way as she would her medical patients.

We are incredibly proud of Dr. Shirin’s wealth of experience and glowing reputation in the industry, and our clinic and staff have received multiple accolades for their high quality work.  We have been recognised as one of the best aesthetics clinics in Kent by the Kent Health and Beauty Awards, where Dr. Shirin was awarded Aesthetic Practitioner of the Year, and our senior aesthetician Charlotte Thomas was also recognised as Beauty Therapist of the Year. We have also been included in the list of Ultimate 100 Global Practitioners by the My Face My Body awards, one of the industry’s largest and most prestigious awarding bodies.

Elite and our practitioners are also committed to the safety of our patients, and have multiple accreditations to ensure our standards are upheld. We are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the independent regulatory service for all healthcare providers in England. CQC regulations apply to all registered practitioners, and covers certain fundamental standards of care, including person-centred care, patient’s rights to dignity, respect, safety and transparency, the qualifications of practitioners, and the quality of premises and equipment used by registered providers. You can see the full list of CQC fundamentals of care on their website. We are also registered with Save Face, putting us on a list of non-surgical aesthetic clinics accredited by the Professional Standards Authority and recognised by the the Government, The Department of Health, NHS England and the CQC.

Our commitment to the safety and comfort of our patients also guides our own internal philosophy and practices.

All of the treatments we offer at Elite are tested by our staff, on our staff, before we consider offering them to our clientele. We do not believe we can, in good conscience as a medical practitioner, offer treatments to our patients if we would not feel comfortable using them ourselves. This way, we can honestly assure you of the safety, quality and effectiveness of all of our treatments.

We also uphold a commitment to never over treat any of our patients, and to always examine the most medically appropriate course of action, by providing a variety of treatment options for every one of our clients when they first come to us. If a client were to come to us asking for a treatment that Dr. Shirin doesn’t believe is right for them, we feel that we have the ethical and medical responsibility to refuse to carry out this treatment. Instead, we prefer to work with our clients to find a solution that both you and Dr. Shirin feel is the most beneficial to your overall health, happiness, and well being. We don’t believe in over-treating any of our patients, and ensure that all of our treatment plans are of the best financial value to you.

Our commitment to becoming one of the industry leaders in ethical aesthetics practices drives what we do here at Elite, so you can feel confident that a treatment with us is safe, and that our qualified staff will make your experience with us a positive one. If you are thinking of getting an aesthetic treatment, contact us at Elite Aesthetics, the ethical clinic.