Dr Shirin Quote on the O-Shot in MamaMia

Before her wedding, Roxanne decided to have an “orgasm shot”. It saved her sex life.

For seven years, when she was between the ages of 24 and 31, London woman Roxanne Macias was stuck in a “relatively sexless” relationship.

Throughout her relationship with the man who was 10 years her senior, the couple’s sex life slowly dwindled, and in the last three years they barely had sex at all.

Speaking to The Sun, Roxanne said that although the lack of libido occurred on both sides and the split was a mutual decision, the relationship and the lack of sexual activity had “shattered” her confidence.

“The lack of sex meant that I felt devoid of any femininity and as a result my confidence was low,” she said.

So when in 2015 she met the man who would eventually become her fiancé, Vincent, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Still bothered by her lack of libido and an inability to have multiple or prolonged orgasms, Roxanne turned to a nonsurgical treatment, dubbed the ‘O-Shot’, that claims to increase the size, and therefore the sensitivity, of the G-Spot, clitoris and labia.

During the 45-minute long procedure, performed by Dr Shirin Lakhani at her clinic Elite Aesthetics, Kent, blood was taken from the 35-year-old’s arm.

It was then spun to isolate the platelets “responsible for rejuvenation and repair” before it was injected back into the walls of her vagina and clitoris.

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