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Dr Shirin having a Hydrafacial Treatment in Kent

Hydrafacial Benefits

HydraFacial is so popular as it offers instant, noticeable results with no downtime or irritation. The HydraFacial treatment works to detoxify skin, remove dead skin cells and extract impurities, as well as hydrating and nourishing skin to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles, target open pores, reduce sun damage, correct problematic skin and instantly rejuvenate dull complexions. The HydraFacial treatment is soothing, refreshing, non-irritating and gives instant results.

HydraFacial has a 97% ‘Worth It’ rating on realself , one of the highest out of all the aesthetic treatments on the market, so you can see for yourself how popular it is with clients all over the world, including at Elite Aesthetics, where we treat clients from Bexley, Bromley, Maidstone,  Dartford, Gravesend and the surrounding area. HydraFacial also has a celebrity following, with stars like Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow, Eva Mendes, Denise van Outen and model Suki Waterhouse all listing HydraFacials as a must in their skincare routine.

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Hydrafacial Before & After

Hydrafacial before/after
Hydrafacial before/after
Hydrafacial before/after
Hydrafacial before/after
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Prices From

Credit Cards Accepted payment methods
Express £ 125
Skin Health £ 165
Plus £ 195
Frequently Asked Questions

HydraFacial is so popular as it can treat a huge variety of skin issues. As it’s so easy to tailor to you and your skin, most people are good candidates for HydraFacial treatment.

HydraFacial has been proven to:

  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Increase the elasticity and firmness of the skin.
  • Even out skin tone.
  • Reduce redness, including for sufferers of rosacea.
  • Improve the brightness and vibrancy of the skin.
  • Smooth out texture on the skin’s surface.
  • Reduce the appearance of brown age spots.
  • Improve the appearance of sun damaged skin.
  • Help combat the effects of oily and congested skin.
  • Reduce the appearance of active acne.
  • Reduce the appearance of clogged or enlarged pores.
What Are The Benefits Of HydraFacial?

HydraFacial is cleansing, gentle and is suitable for a wide variety of skin types, tones and concerns. Focused on the unique philosophy of ‘Skin health for life’, HydraFacial makes the perfect treatment for special occasions to give you radiant, glowing and healthy skin.

HydraFacial treats the appearance of fine lines through its highly effective combination of serums and promotes skin elasticity and firmness through its innovative vortex technology, helping to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is a perfect treatment for sufferers of rosacea as it helps to gently even the skin tone, without harsh abrasives or irritants, as well as for sufferers of acne, as it effectively exfoliates and clears the pores of impurities and bacteria that cause skin congestion, blackheads, skin texture and acne, without using pressure that disturbs the rest of the skin. This also makes pores, especially around the forehead, cheeks and nose, appear smaller. The salicylic and glycolic acid serums encourage more effective skin cell turnover, preventing skin and pores becoming clogged in the future. This increased turnover also promotes the brightness and vibrancy of the skin, as fresh, newly regenerated skin is more visible, and reduces the appearance of age spots and sun damage.

Our goal at Elite Aesthetics is encourage all our clients to have confidence in their own skin, and do what we can to help them feel amazing about themselves. Our staff want to share their medical knowledge and experience to help make our patients feel good, as well as to help promote good skincare practices and skin health. We see the smiles on our clients faces when they leave the clinic after a HydraFacial treatment, and that they keep coming back afterwards too!

Is Hydrafacial Suitable For Sensitive Skin?

Yes, even those with sensitive skin can really see the benefits of Hydrafacial as it is incredibly gentle, and no harsh ingredients or tools are used during your treatment. If you’re concerned about how your skin might react to Hydrafacial treatment please feel free to contact the clinic or ask any questions during the consultation process with our experienced aesthetician, Charlotte Thomas. Charlotte is an award-winning aesthetician and one of the UK’s Hydrafacial ambassadors, so you can feel confident you’re in experienced hands for your Hydrafacial treatment.

Sensitive skin types can really benefit from Hydrafacial as it is incredibly gentle and nourishing without using any common irritants. It is also perfect for treating redness and rosacea, without triggering flare ups for sufferers.

Is Hydrafacial Painful?

Hydrafacial is completely painless as it uses unique vortex technology to effectively administer and exfoliate the skin in several different steps that can be tailored perfectly to your skin. Many patients feel the vortex device using suction to clear the skin and cleanse pores, but this isn’t an unpleasant sensation, and is not at all painful. Throughout the other steps of the treatment, patients report a relaxing, soothing feeling as Hydrafacial’s bespoke serums are effectively administered to the skin.

How Many Hydrafacial Treatments Do I Need?

While you can use Hydrafacial as a one-off treatment before a special occasion or event, at Elite Aesthetics, we recommend adding Hydrafacial to your regular skincare routine. We make this simple with our Hydrafacial packages, so you can ensure that Hydrafacial becomes a part of your regular skin health routine.

Does Hydrafacial Have Any Downtime?

No! Hydrafacial is such a fantastic and popular treatment as you can get straight back to your day after you leave the clinic. With our express packages, you can even be in and out of the clinic in less than half an hour, giving you the opportunity to squeeze in a quick skin treat, even on a tight schedule!

HydraFacial Bexley

Clients travel from Bexley and across Kent to have their Hydrafacials with the UK’s only Hydrafacial Ambassador.

Hydrafacial near me?

Hydrafacial near me is a common search term when looking for a Hydrafacial clinic. Clients travel from across Kent to have their Hydrafacial treatment with our therapists, who have been awarded the ‘Hydrafacial Ambassador UK’ status. Elite Aesthetics is based in Greenhithe, Kent in a bespoke and private clinic, just a few minutes from the Bluewater Shopping Centre.

Hydrafacial before and after

Hydrafacial Treatment for Men Before and After Hydrafacial for Rosacea Treatment in Greenhithe

Can hydrafacial cause breakouts?

After you had your HydraFacial, if you start breaking out on your area being treated, this would be your skin purging. Now, if you had a hydrafacial done and you started breaking out on your forehead or cheeks (areas that you normally do not experience acne in) this would be considered a breakout.

When to get Hydrafacial Before Wedding?

If you have dehydrated skin, blemishes, or inflammation due to stress, a deep-cleansing facial treatment, such as a HydraFacial. You’ll have a coveted glow on your big day. Brides should get this facial seven to 10 days before the wedding.

Which Hydrafacial is the Best?

Which HydraFacial is right for you?

At Elite Aesthetics we offer six different HydraFacial treatments, one of which is exclusive to Elite Aesthetics.

Skin Health For Life Treatment 60 minute treatment – Involves the six key stages: Detox, Cleansing and Exfoliating, Brightening, Extraction, Hydration and Rejuvenation. This treatment will help boost hydration, refresh dull skin and protect against environmental factors, leaving your skin looking radiant. With Dermalux Led to boost your results.

Elite Signature Hydrastem Treatment
Exclusive to Elite Aesthetics, this is an intensive 60-minute treatment which will immediately give you brighter and clearer skin whilst reducing oil. The treatment is tailored to either target fine lines and wrinkles with Stemcells which  stimulate collagen and reduce wrinkle depth. With Dermalux Led to boost your results.

Plus Treatment
Helps tackle wrinkles without the use of injectables. This treatment involves the same six stages as Skin Health for Life but also includes an anti-ageing serum. The anti-ageing serum targets fine lines and deep wrinkles for a youthful, plumping effect. See instant improvement in skin elasticity and overall complexion.

ZO Treatment

Perfect for those with pigmentation.

This treatment involves the same six stages as Skin Health for Life but also includes an anti-ageing serum. The anti-ageing serum targets fine lines and deep wrinkles for a youthful, plumping effect. See instant improvement in skin elasticity and overall complexion.

Hydrafacial is it Worth It?

99% of people on Realself have said Hydrafacial is worth it.

Hydrafacial with Dermaplaning

Hydrafacial already incorporates an extraction and exfoliation stage, therefore dermaplaning in addition would not be generally beneficial.

Hydrafacial or Microdermabrasion?

HydraFacial is basically a more advanced version of Microdermabrasion and is sometimes even referred to as a “Wet Microdermabrasion.” It is a medical grade, facial resurfacing treatment that offers immediate results with no downtime. The HydraFacial involves a multi-step process that is completely customizable.

Hydrafacial or Chemical Peel?

The Hydrafacial treatment includes a peel as part of it’s 6 steps.

The main difference between the Hydrafacial and chemical peels is usually; while chemical peels use acids to work on and peel off the top layer of the skin with strong ingredients, Hydrafacial uses specific acids that will work on the dirt, sebum and the dead skin cells with rather milder elements.

Are Hydrafacial Results Immediate?

HydraFacial is the 6-step, pain-free treatment that is giving men and women the best skin of their lives in less than 60-minutes. Achieve noticeable results immediately and get back to your day following this simple no-downtime procedure.

What Are Hydrafacial Boosters?


  • Brightens and balances skin tone while minimizing the appearance of darks spots and sun spots.


  • Helps smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and enhances skin elasticity.


  • Helps relieve the visible signs of red, sensitized skin.
  • Helps replenish hydration and support a healthy skin barrier function.
  • Helps detoxify the skin.


  • Reduces the appearance of brown spots.
  • Evens skin tone.
  • Prevents new pigmentation formation.
  • Restores hydration to replenish skin’s vital hydration balance.
Hydrafacial with Led Light Therapy

Hydrafacial with Led Light Therapy – at Elite Aesthetics, we include an additional 15 minutes of your treatment under our wonderful upgraded Dermalux LED light, which provides far superior results than compared to a standard LED light.

Does a Hydrafacial Hurt?

No, the Hydrafacial does not hurt. It’s quite a relaxing treatment and often our patients fall asleep during the LED Light Treatment stage. We play relaxing music in the background to make the experience tranquil and calming.

What Should You Not Do After a Hydrafacial?

Refrain from any type of exfoliating treatments such as glycolic acid or enzymes to the area for 48 hours after your Hydrafacial treatment. – Avoid heat (hot showers, sauna, and intense cardio) for 24 hours after treatment.

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Award Winning Clinic

award winning clinic
award winning clinic
award winning clinic
award winning clinic


Doctor Led Clinic

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doctor led clinic
Our Process
Our Process

Our senior aesthetician Charlotte Thomas carries out our HydraFacial treatments. She is a highly experienced aesthetic practitioner with extensive experience in a variety of highly-regarded aesthetics clinics, as well as being one of the UK’s HydraFacial ambassadors , so you know you’re in safe, experienced hands. Charlotte is passionate about HydraFacial, and loves how versatile, comfortable and innovative the treatment is, as well as the consistent results it enables her to give clients.

Your treatment process with us will start with a full consultation with Charlotte. She will explain to you the benefits of HydraFacial and make sure that it is the right treatment for you, as well as addressing your personal skin concerns, and how HydraFacial can treat them. She may also choose specific treatment serums and customise the treatment specifically for your unique skin conditions and needs.

During your HydraFacial treatment, Charlotte will take you through the different treatment steps, ensuring that your treatment is tailored to you. The HydraFacial is comfortable and relaxing, and can take as little as 30 minutes for our Express treatment. We also offer Skin Health and HydraFacial Plus treatments for the complete HydraFacial experience, which take a little longer, but allows you to get all of the benefits that HydraFacial technology can offer.

The HydraFacial device comes with different tips for each stage of the treatment. The innovative spiral shape of the tip is designed to provide multiple exfoliating surfaces on each pass of the device over the skin, creating a smooth and bright complexion. It also creates a larger surface area and increases the amount of time that serums are pressed into the skin, improving their effectiveness and the amount of nourishing serum that is absorbed by the body.

We start by using suction and facial massage to help improve lymphatic drainage, reducing swelling in the face and neck.

Vortex Exfoliation is the next step, which uses the HydraFacial device to apply HydraFacial’s own vortex technology and hydradermabrasion techniques, gently opening up pores and deeply cleansing the skin, loosening dead skin and other debris on the skin’s surface, while simultaneously washing them away using a serum of lactic acid, glucosamine and botanical extracts to cleanse and brighten the skin.

The third stage uses a different tip to administer a serum containing a combination of salicylic and glycolic acid to loosen impurities such as blackheads and other pore clogging substances and encourage skin cell turnover, leading to a brighter complexion.

Then using Vortex Extraction and a serum of natural, gentle salicylic acid and honey extract, these impurities are sucked out of the skin. This is a simple procedure that helps to remove blackheads, sebum and other impurities, leaving the pores cleaned out and congested areas cleared. The gentle suction also acts as a massage, improving lymphatic drainage and circulation in the area.

After this, Vortex Fusion is carried out. This step effectively applies serums tailored to you, and ensures that they are deeply absorbed into the skin. Containing some of the skincare industry’s most trusted ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, which is incredibly hydrating and can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water, as well as powerful antioxidants and peptides. Since the pores and skin are now clean and detoxified, your skin is primed to fully absorb and feel the effects of these serums.

We can then also use LED light treatment to reduce any redness left by the HydraFacial treatment, as well as boost the skin’s natural collagen and vitamin D production, leaving your skin healthy and glowing.

After HydraFacial treatment, you can put on makeup and return to your normal activities straight away as there is no downtime. It is a non-irritating and hydrating, and leaves you with a beautiful, smooth complexion, and visible results after just one treatment.

The smooth, glowing results and skin hydration after HydraFacial treatment may last 5 to 7 days or even longer. At Elite Aesthetics we recommend one treatment per month to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, oily and congested skin. Continued HydraFacial treatments help to maintain results and improve skin health over time. Packages are also available over a period of six weeks to twelve months to help keep your skin looking radiant and healthy, and saving you money on future treatments.

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Why You Should Choose Elite Aesthetics
Why You Should Choose Elite Aesthetics

Our clinic is located within 20 acres of the beautiful Kent countryside. The peaceful ambience of our surroundings and private and discreet clinic help to make your experience with us as pleasant and relaxing as possible. You’ll be greeted by our friendly staff and made to feel comfortable throughout every step of your treatment process with us.

At Elite Aesthetics, our highly-qualified practitioners are the key to our success. Charlotte Thomas, our senior aesthetician, carries out all of our HydraFacial treatments. Charlotte has worked at Elite Aesthetics since 2017, and came to us with a wealth of experience from some of London’s most prestigious aesthetic clinics. In the course of her career, Charlotte has had the opportunity to work alongside some of the industry’s most highly respected teams. She now works side by side with Elite Aesthetics’ founder, Dr. Shirin Lakhani , to provide a wide variety of treatments to clients in our private clinic in Greenhithe, Kent. Charlotte specialises in microneedling and skin rejuvenation procedures, and is a UK ambassador for HydraFacial, a product she, and the clinic as a whole, truly believe in.

She is also an expert at putting together personalised treatment plans that make a difference to the lives of her clients, and highly regarded by her client base as well as her industry peers. She has been awarded Beauty Therapist of the Year at the Kent Health and Beauty Awards .

At Elite Aesthetics, we are dedicated to achieving beautiful, natural results whilst keeping patient safety at the forefront of the business. We are directed by our practice leader, Dr. Shirin Lakhani, who is committed to the furthering of ethical aesthetic practice , and always putting the welfare of our patients first.

We are firmly committed to never overtreating our patients, and we pride ourselves in finding the most effective solutions, tailored to each individual client. We love HydraFacial because it isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ treatment, and easily customisable to every one of our clients. It’s an integral part of our treatment process to make sure that our clients are receiving the most medically appropriate course of action for them, and believe it is our ethical responsibility to refuse treatment if a certain procedure isn’t right for you. Instead we work together with our clients to create a more fitting treatment plan. At your HydraFacial consultation with Charlotte, she will always make sure you’re getting the most fitting treatment for you.

Charlotte and the rest of the staff at Elite Aesthetics’ rich expertise and fantastic reputations in the industry help make us a stand out clinic in the area. Our staff and the clinic have all received multiple accolades for the high quality work they do, their commitment to safe aesthetic practice and the high-quality customer experience felt by all of our clients. Elite Aesthetics was recognised as one of the best aesthetic clinics in Kent by Kent Health and Beauty Awards, and as an Ultimate 100 Global Aesthetic Practitioner by the My Face My Body Awards, one of the largest and most reputable awarding bodies in the aesthetics industry. Elite Aesthetics is also accredited by both the CQC and Save Face , to ensure we are adhering to rigorous safety standards and ensuring the safety, security and comfort of our clients.

So if you’re interested in seeing how HydraFacial treatment can help improve the long term health of your skin in Bexley, Bexleyheath, Greenhithe, Dartford, West Malling, Gravesend in or the surrounding areas, or if you want to learn more about Elite Aesthetics and the services we offer, contact us today to arrange your consultation, and let us make you feel beautiful, radiant and confident in yourself.

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What Our Clients Say...

4.97/5 from 1229 reviews

Dr. Shirin is a fully-trained and highly-experienced aesthetic physician, who works diligently to ensure a 5 star quality service, and brings an honest and ethical approach to every one of our clients. With over 20 years of experience in the medical field, including several years as a GP and a sub-speciality in anaesthetics, Dr. Shirin is fascinated by the harmony between medicine and aesthetics, and with her expertise, Elite Aesthetics is able to offer effective, doctor-led treatments to vastly improve the lives of our clients.

To find out more about how we’ve put a smile on customers faces in the past, read our testimonials below for first-hand accounts of a variety of our treatments. You can also find out more about what we think at Elite on our blog, as well as reading more about what the press says about us. Our delighted clients hail from areas including Dartford, King’s Hill, Gravesend, Bromley, Maidstone, Sevenoaks, and West Malling – as well as from further afield.

Had a consultation with Elite yesterday, I must say I was a bit nervous, but Charlotte was so friendly and helpful.
I was given lots of advice and was given products that were within my budget.
I was able to pick the products up with an hour, all the safety restrictions where in place and worked very well.
I was very excited to use my new skin care products.
And I was not disappointed, they were amazing and my skin felt amazing too.
I was 100% satisfied with the service I received from the moment I called Elite, every member of staff was friendly and professional.
I am looking forward to attending the clinic to have some treatments very soon.
Thank you ladies for all your help and for making me feel at ease and confident with the viviscal professional products I purchased.


Elite is an outstanding professional clinic with high standard treatments. All the staff members are friendly and offer you honest opinions when it comes to products and treatments. This is a welcoming clinic that I can 100% recommend. Treatments are spoken through and explained in detail, also aftercare. Confidential pictures are taken to review progress which is great. I have been going nearly a year now and am happy with all the treatments I’ve had, wouldn't go anywhere else. (Dermal Fillers Bromley)


Charlotte was great and gave some good advice for my skin! Thank you and will definitely recommend your services now I know where you are :)


A great discovery in the neighbourhood ! There is no need to go up to London for a beauty treatment of any kind. You'll find a whole range of different treatments suiting all age groups and concerns. Welcoming, reassuring, friendly, professional, high tech. I shall be back for more. I love the results of the Thread Lift I had.


Great clinic, lovely, clean and modern. Charlotte was excellent, knowledgeable about the treatment whilst also friendly. The facial itself was very enjoyable and my skin looks and feels tighter and smoother. I highly recommend the Hydrafacial Treatment.


Dr Shirin’s professional approach fills you with confidence. The clinic is modern and efficiently run. They certainly do their utmost to help and advise their clients. I am 100% satisfied that I made the right decision in choosing Elite Aesthetics!

  • Accreditations
  • accreditations

We have extensive knowledge and experience in the medical and aesthetics industries, but we know that above all, the results matter! All of our treatments are vigorously tested in-house before we offer them to our clients to ensure they are safe, effective and will give you, our wonderful clients, the results you want. Your happiness, well-being and satisfaction are at the very core of everything we do here at Elite Aesthetics, and as a result we will never over-treat or carry out a procedure that Dr. Shirin, deems inappropriate or unsafe. Ethical treatment guides our practice, and we aim to become an industry leader in this respect. This means you can always feel confident that you are in safe hands when you choose Elite Aesthetics.

Our practice is led by our founder, Dr. Shirin Lakhani, who is an advocate for greater regulation in the aesthetics industry. Dr. Shirin and Elite Aesthetics believe greater regulation is vital to the development of aesthetics industry as a whole, and as such, our clinic’s philosophy is based on providing doctor-led care to the highest, medically approved standards. We adhere to stringent ethical and medical principles ensuring all the procedures we offer are safe and effective. Dr. Shirin is also fully registered with the GMC (reference number 4634863), and Elite Aesthetics is Save Face accredited, an endorsement recognised by the UK Government, The Department of Health, NHS England and the CQC (Care Quality Commission).

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Testimonials (Avg: 5 / 5) of 1229