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Let’s Talk About…Menopause

Why Menopausal Health is Important.

Women are becoming outspoken about their health issues, which is a significant breakthrough as in the past, many were too embarrassed to, even if it was causing them significant discomfort. The media is also increasingly focussing on women’s health, and due to living longer lives with more freedom, women are refusing to accept spending an increasingly significant portion of their lives in discomfort.

There are 3.5 million women over the age of 50 in the UK workforce, and half of them have admitted to finding work difficult due to symptoms of the menopause, while 10% of menopausal women have given up work altogether as a result of their symptoms. At Elite Aesthetics, we find that there is a real need to raise awareness about the impact that menopause has on the lives, careers and happiness of women, and the alternatives that are available to them.

Women are also finding themselves entering into new relationships later in life, and the idea that women’s sex lives should end after the menopause is a thing of the past. Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM) affects an estimated half of postmenopausal women, and is caused by lowered estrogen levels after the menopause. GSM has a variety of symptoms, including vaginal dryness and itching, pain during sex (dyspareunia), increased urinary urgency, frequency, and susceptibility to urinary tract infections.  Women are often too embarrassed to seek treatment for GSM, as well as the fact that healthcare professionals often do not screen for GSM as a routine part of women’s healthcare, leading to significant underdiagnosis and undertreatment rates. GSM is a chronic, progressive condition that without treatment, is unlikely to resolve itself.

Despite this, there are a variety of safe and effective treatments available to treat GSM and its associated symptoms, including low-dose vaginal estrogen therapy, hormone treatments and radiofrequency treatments.

As the taboos around sex, women’s health and the menopause are breaking down, the options available to women and their intimate health have huge potential to make an impact on their lives. At Elite Aesthetics, we see that many women suffer unnecessarily through the menopause, and offer a variety of aesthetic and non-surgical treatments to help women enjoy this time in their lives and feel like themselves again.

Let's Talk About Menopause menopausal health

What is the Menopause?

The majority of women will go through the menopause, generally between the ages of 45 and 55, but every woman’s experience will be different.

During the menopause, egg production in the ovaries stops, resulting in hormone levels changing, which triggers the common symptoms of the menopause many women struggle with. These symptoms include hot flushes, urinary incontinence, insomnia, a decrease in libido and vaginal dryness, as well as external signs of ageing, like wrinkles and sagging or drooping skin.

Symptoms of the Menopause.

The symptoms of the menopause affect many of the body’s systems, including:

  • The occurrence of hot flushes and night sweats (the vasomotor system).
  • An increased likelihood of depression and anxiety, mood swings, sleep disturbance and memory loss (cognitive systems).
  • Increased chances of cardiovascular disease as well as digestive problems and weight gain (the metabolic system).
  • Joint pain and the higher probability of menopausal and postmenopausal women suffering from osteoporosis than their younger or male counterparts (musculoskeletal systems).
  • Skin and hair are significantly affected by the slowing of collagen production during menopause, which leads to an increase in wrinkles, dry skin, brittle nails and hair loss.
  • Genitourinary systems (the urinary and reproductive systems) are often significantly affected. This can cause a decrease in libido, pain during sex (dyspareunia), vaginal dryness, itching and burning and urinary tract symptoms.

These symptoms can lead to a decreased quality of life for many women, as well as increasing risks to their general health.

Let's Talk About...Menopause hot flush

Treatments for the Symptoms of Menopause.

At Elite Aesthetics, we offer a variety of non surgical treatments for menopause, to combat the effects that it has on women’s lives.


Bio-Identical Hormones

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is a revolutionary alternative to traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

The majority of menopausal symptoms are brought about by dramatic changes in hormone levels in the body. BHRT are man-made hormones that are chemically identical to the body’s own natural hormones, and so can help to counteract not only menopausal symptoms, but the root cause.

BHRT is specifically tailored to the individual, and so alleviates some of the problems that can occur with traditional HRT. Bio-Id hormone treatments contain a combination of oestrogen, testosterone, progesterone, DHEA, thyroid hormones and Vitamin D3 that is specifically tailored to your symptoms, natural hormone levels and what you need from treatment.

BHRT treatment will be prescribed by your doctor, and created specifically for you, based on a blood test which will indicate the hormones that are unbalanced in your body, and how best to return them to their optimum levels. Your prescription can come in the form of a pill, capsule, cream or gel.


The O-Shot is an innovative and industry-leading procedure to help women regain their sexuality and confidence.

A non hormone treatment for menopause symptoms such as dyspareunia, vaginal dryness and a decreased libido, the O-Shot is similar to our  range of Vampire treatments, and uses the body’s own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to rejuvenate and stimulate the vagina, improving sexual function and satisfaction.

The O-Shot works by taking a small amount of blood from the patient, placing it in a centrifuge to separate and concentrate the PRP, before injecting it into specific areas in the clitoris, labia and vagina. The PRP then stimulates the omnipotent stem cells (cells that are capable of developing into any type of tissue), leading to an increase in the speed of cell growth and tissue regeneration.

This can improve lubrication, sensitivity, satisfaction and ease of orgasm, and is an effective treatment for lichen sclerosus, as well as stress incontinence and other symptoms of GSM.

Ultra Femme 360

The Ultra Femme 360 technology from BTL uses radiofrequency to tighten and refresh the vagina and labia, to improve sexual satisfaction and the symptoms of stress incontinence. Ultra Femme 360 helps to tighten the vaginal opening, vaginal canal and perineum, which helps decrease stress incontinence, as well as increase blood flow to the clitoris, improve sexual pleasure, and improve the appearance of the labia.

As with all tissues in the body, the tissue in the vaginal canal contains and produces collagen to retain tightness and elasticity. As the menopause reduces oestrogen levels in the body, skin on the face and body increases in laxity, as does vaginal tissue. To treat this, Ultra Femme 360 uses radiofrequency to gently heat the vaginal tissues, which activates collagen production systems and triggers a rejuvenation of cells, leading to a decrease in vaginal laxity and an increase in sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

Dr. Shirin Lakhani of Elite Aesthetics is a UK ambassador for Ultra Femme 360, and has been featured on ITV and in the Daily Mail for her expertise in intimate rejuvenation techniques.

Let's Talk About...Menopause intimate treatments


The effects of menopause on the body don’t just impact on intimate areas, but also the face. As oestrogen production decreases, skin cells become slower to regenerate, leading to increased skin laxity, sagging wrinkles and duller, drier skin. All of these can harm your self-confidence, and make you feel as though you aren’t putting your best face forward.

HydraFacial is a gentle and effective facial treatment that works to firm and plump up the skin by intensely hydrating it, while also clearing imperfections and brightening and smoothing out the skin’s surface. It is suitable for all skin types, including more sensitive complexions.

Thread Lift

Silhouette Soft, also known as the “thread lift” “one stitch lift” or “puppet facelift”, is a transformational treatment to give lasting and regenerative results while lifting the face.

Silhouette Soft helps to counteract visible signs of ageing partly caused by the menopause by lifting and tightening skin, and adding volume and shapeliness to the face. The results improve over time and will leave you feeling ten years younger.

Let's Talk About...Menopause treatments for menopause

The menopause was once seen as intimidating, uncomfortable and something women just had to live with. However, with new treatments for menopause being developed all the time to improve women’s lives – as well as the media spotlight finally being shone on healthcare during the menopause, and women’s health as a whole – there is no reason the menopause should impact on any part of your life, from work to relationships and everything in between.

At Elite Aesthetics, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of treatment for symptoms of the menopause. At our quiet, private clinic in Greenhithe, Kent, we use our medical expertise to help women feel like their old selves during the menopause. So if you’re suffering from symptoms of the menopause in Brentwood, Billericay, Bexleyheath, Chigwell, Gravesend, Ingatestone, Sevenoaks, West Malling or the surrounding area, contact Elite Aesthetics to see how we can help you feel fantastic, and make this time in your life the best it can be.

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What Our Clients Say...

4.97/5 from 95 reviews

Dr. Shirin is a fully-trained and highly-experienced aesthetic physician, who works diligently to ensure a 5 star quality service, and brings an honest and ethical approach to every one of our clients. With over 20 years of experience in the medical field, including several years as a GP and a sub-speciality in anaesthetics, Dr. Shirin is fascinated by the harmony between medicine and aesthetics, and with her expertise, Elite Aesthetics is able to offer effective, doctor-led treatments to vastly improve the lives of our clients.

To find out more about how we’ve put a smile on customers faces in the past, read our testimonials below for first-hand accounts of a variety of our treatments. You can also find out more about what we think at Elite on our blog, as well as reading more about what the press says about us. Our delighted clients hail from areas including Dartford, King’s Hill, Gravesend, Bromley, Maidstone, Sevenoaks, and West Malling – as well as from further afield.

Had a consultation with Elite yesterday, I must say I was a bit nervous, but Charlotte was so friendly and helpful.
I was given lots of advice and was given products that were within my budget.
I was able to pick the products up with an hour, all the safety restrictions where in place and worked very well.
I was very excited to use my new skin care products.
And I was not disappointed, they were amazing and my skin felt amazing too.
I was 100% satisfied with the service I received from the moment I called Elite, every member of staff was friendly and professional.
I am looking forward to attending the clinic to have some treatments very soon.
Thank you ladies for all your help and for making me feel at ease and confident with the products I purchased.


Elite is an outstanding professional clinic with high standard treatments. All the staff members are friendly and offer you honest opinions when it comes to products and treatments. This is a welcoming clinic that I can 100% recommend. Treatments are spoken through and explained in detail, also aftercare. Confidential pictures are taken to review progress which is great. I have been going nearly a year now and am happy with all the treatments I’ve had, wouldn't go anywhere else. (Dermal Fillers Bromley)


Charlotte was great and gave some good advice for my skin! Thank you and will definitely recommend your services now I know where you are :)


A great discovery in the neighbourhood ! There is no need to go up to London for a beauty treatment of any kind. You'll find a whole range of different treatments suiting all age groups and concerns. Welcoming, reassuring, friendly, professional, high tech. I shall be back for more.


Very happy with the result of my recent visit. For sure will continue with Elite in future


I have been very happy with the care and attention you have received from Dr Shirin.. I would definitely recommend Elite to my family and friends.


thank you again for my follow up appointment to make sure i was ok and there was no life changing affects from the mess I had done else where how a midwife and beautician can inject and leave customers the way they did is unreal the mess my lips where in and the amount of lumps left was so bad and although there still not perfect Dr shirin managed to massage a lot of the lumps out so not only has she done my previous practitioners job with that but she also cares about the wellbeing of her customers I just wish I had got to Dr shirin to start with con not thank her enough


I am 100% satisfied with my results.


friendly and professional


Thank you so much! The results of my dermal fillers are amazing. At first, I was apprehensive but following my one to one consultation with you all my fears were addressed. I felt in safe hands and I am over the moon with the results I have had so far.


I was so impressed with my first visit to your clinic. Not only is it very tastefully done out but also spotlessly clean. It has a great feel to it. Dr.Shirin herself is just wonderful. I have a feeling she is about to change my life forever. I’m looking forward to my next appointment.


The clinic was above & beyond what I expected. Dr Shirin is amazing, I felt totally at ease with her, she gave a thorough explanation of everything we spoke about, very professional & knowledgeable. I highly recommend this clinic..


Inspite the discomfort of the fillers I am so pleased of the results


This was my third appointment with Shirin and as always it was first rate , professional and friendly. I can thoroughly recommend Elite Aesthetics and will continue to visit.


Vary happy off for second visit to week checkup was very impressed with the outcome after looking at my photos from before and after Thanks so much


Excellent services and treatments...


This facial felt lovely, and my skin felt amazing afterwards. Thank you Charlotte!


Amazing beautiful clinic! shirin was amazing made me feel so at ease and such a lovely lady. Can't wait to go back


Always a good experience and excellent results.


I really couldn’t be happier with my result and the fantastic profession service you provide!! Happy is a understatement.


Friendly professional & informative


Great service and friendly staff


The thought of the procedure was worst then the actual thing.Some discomfort but was over very Qwickly, was made to feel very relaxed. Everything done in a very professional manner, thank you


I have been seeing Dr Shirin for about two years now. She is amazing and has transformed the way I look. People ask how it is possible that i look younger now than I did three years ago. I used to be very depressed and self conscience but now Dr Shirin has helped me rebuild my confidence in the way I look and feel and I would never go to another clinic. Thank you Elite Aesthetics ????


Dr. Shirin, is very professional and clearly explains the treatment to you. I felt very relaxed and informed about my treatments. So glad I found Elite and don’t have to travel into London any more.

Z. M

They offered a lovely gift for me due to an error on the machine.


Charlotte was really professional and friendly. The salon is clean and welcoming. As a competition winner I was treated the same as a paying client, with no pushy hard sell. I was informed about each process and my questions answered. After the HydraFacial my skin feels and looks wonderful. I would happily return and highly recommend the treatment, the salon and Charlotte. Thank you .


Consistently professional, knowledgeable and helpful - and of course the results are fabulous. Couldn’t recommend Elite more.


Very friendly..... and comfortable environment... very clean and fresh room Charlotte is very friendly and caring and makes you feel very comfortable.


Excellent service, prompt, professional, discreet and efficient service


Very Informative, Safe Experience. I felt completely in the know about what was going to happen and Dr Shirin ensured I was comfortable throughout the whole process. Will definitely be putting all of my treatments through Dr Shirin.


i had my 2nd micro-medical skin needling treatment yesterday and have to say i'm blown away by the results already! i'll be honest when Charlotte said it would be a good treatment for my enlarged pores i was a bit dubious ( having tried derma rollers before with no results and a lot of pain!) i'm so glad i listened! its slightly uncomfortable but manageable and well worth it!! thank you Charlotte - cant wait for my third treatment!


I have had the plex done on my eyes and I am so pleased with the amazing results! I had all 3 treatments now and feel 10 years younger!! I would like to say a massive thank-you to Dr Shirin . She made my visit to the clinic comfortable..She is a true professional and a lovely lady!! I am now on the ZO skin treatment can't wait for the results!!


I had my consultation with Dr Shirin this week she has recommended having Hydrafacial treatments to improve the texture and thinning of my skin, I have booked these on her recommendation. She has also suggested further procedures to give some fullness to my face and improve deep lines. I was very happy with the consultation and was comfortable with Dr Shirin.


Very easy and quick service


Always professional and helpful


Very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Immaculate clinic.


Dr Shirin is a genuinely kind, direct and very informative person. She knows how to make you feel totally relax and at ease. Her approach and her treatment has definitely increased my confidence in her work and in myself and has improved my lifestyle. It’s great to know that someone of her expertise is easily accessible to everyone.


I think I actually skipped out of the clinic ! So happy with my results no bruising- minimal swelling and so natural and subtle ! So relived to have my face in the hands of someone I can trust- who is in it for genuine amazing results rather than the hard sell! Dr Shirin your amazing !!


Absolutely love everything about Dr Shirin, Charlotte and Elite Aesthetics - I have no reason (or desire) to go anywhere else!


I had Anti Wrinkle and cheek fillers, I need a little more in the cheeks but would only use maybe 1/4 of the product, I was kindly advised to wait until my next treatment rather than waste money or look over done. Excellent advice, she truly cares about you, rather than making money. My look is very natural, I don’t looked over done and I have many comments about how well I look


Very happy with my treatment. Dr Shirin, her staff and the Elite Clinic are extremely professional in all aspects including the aftercare service. I wouldn’t go anywhere else now and highly recommend them.


Had the tear trough treatment yesterday and am absolutely thrilled with first day results and looking forward to the next few weeks as it settles in. I had a very deep hollow under one eye that is no longer there at all! I am a bit of a wimp with needles but Dr Shirin is so calm and professional and explains everything as she goes along, that it was a completely comfortable experience for me. I have only recently discovered Elite and am so glad I have - a lovely clinic manned by a fantastic team - thank you!


Every time I visit the clinic it is a pleasure you are made to feel comfortable love my visits


Great service very professional. Am really pleased with the results!

Mrs Higgs

Very friendly and professional. A relaxing environment with time for explanation and discussion. Very caring, treatment went smoothly. Highly recommended.


I have always been treated excellently by true professionals with their 'state of the art' skin care. The results are truly incredible. I would wholeheartedly recommend Elite to everyone.


As always lovely experience at Elite If you want a professional service in a lovely clean environment then I recommend you give Elite a try. Having done vast research before having any treatments I chose Elite and have not looked back.


Every time I visit Elite I have a wonderful experience. They are so friendly and welcoming and make you immediately feel comfortable. What sets them apart is that they go that extra mile - absolute dream team, also Charlotte is a magician! Cannot wait for my next treatment.


I have have had 3 treatments and each time I have had fantastic service. Dr Shirin Lakhani is lovely and very professional I have recommended you to all my friends.


I’m not a confident person so I was nervous about my consultation but I didn’t need to be, Dr Shirin was honest and very informative. I didn’t feel rushed at all and she made sure we had covered all areas of concern. Very professional clinic, I will be returning for treatment


Very professional everything was explained about the procedure very well. Had a very excellent experience.


Thoroughly enjoyed my experience at elite aesthetics. Initially I was was nervous but all the staff were really polite and kind and I was soon at ease. Dr shirin explained the whole procedure throughly making sure I understood and was most professional. I fully recommend having treatment at elite aesthetics.


Dr Shirin is very passionate about helping you achieve your goal and supports you every step of the way. Refreshing to spend time talking to a Dr that listens. Great service and team are lovely. Thank you.


I was very impressed with a professionalism and a patient care right from the beginning when I walked in to the clinic. I had a LED facial treatment and it was absolutely great. I will definitely be back soon!


Such a fantastic clinic. Professional, discreet, welcoming and reassuring. Always feel my best interests are at the heart of their advice and treatment plan options.


Just wanted to say I am really pleased with the outcome of my treatment and especially with my lips. There was no adverse swelling at all. I never thought I would like my lips done but will definitely do it again. I will come to you again (all the way from Norwich) as I like the results. Thanks again

Ms BC, Norwich

I was recommended to Shirin by a friend. We spoke in great depth about which treatment would be best suited for me. I decided that cheek filler would give me the result I required and I couldn’t be happier – fantastic! My cheeks are fuller and it has made a difference to my appearance without being over the top. I have recommended Shirin to my friends. I will be back…Thank you once again.

Ms KH, Dartford, Kent

I felt completely safe in professional hands and I look amazing too. Great before and after care. Definitely having more!

Mrs JH, Gravesend, Kent

I have had two cosmetic procedures from Dr Shirin Lakhani, both I couldn’t be happier with! My lips have always been thin, so I spoke to Shirin in great depth about having lip filler. She put me at ease, with every question answered with great medical knowledge. Once I had my lips done, I was over the moon with the results! Wish I had found Shirin years ago! A few weeks later, I had anti-wrinkle injections, and again, very happy with top results!!! I would be more than happy to recommend Shirin to my family and friends. Top lady!

Mrs AP, Greenhithe, Kent

Dear Shirin, just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my anti-wrinkle injection treatment. From start to finish, it was very professional and I have a wrinkle free forehead. I have seen 3 other therapists in the past but you are definitely the best, so thank you so much.

Ms MC, Greenhithe, Kent

Very professional. I have always suffered with acne and acne scarring, tired and lack luster skin. Since I had Vampire therapy nearly a year ago, I have NOT had bad skin once! My skin is much plumper with less visible pores and a nice fresh sheen. What really surprised me was that I managed to get over my fear of needles – perhaps this was because it wasn’t made to feel like a hospital scenario. The vampire therapy session was a real treat – I’m so very glad I did it!

Ms DS - Dartford

I‘ve used Elite Aesthetics for over three years now and I couldn’t be happier with the results of my treatments. Dr Shirin has been nothing but honest and professional in her advice – even so far as guiding me away from treatments she doesn’t think I need. My skin has gone from tired, listless, and frankly ageing to fresh and glowing. I whole heartedly recommend Elite, and do so every time I’m asked “what do you use on your skin?”

Ms CW, Gravesend

Effective and well-priced service. I would definitely visit Shirin and the team again.

Mr RH, London

This is undoubtedly the very best aesthetic clinic I have ever been to! I have been having fillers and treatments for years and wish I had met Dr Shirin years ago, her expertise, guidance and advice is second to none. I am 37years and have now been going to Elite Aesthetics for nearly two years my treatments with Dr Shirin are so naturally done no-one ever believes me when I say I have lots of aesthetic treatments most people think I’m late 20’s and this is all down to the techniques and expertise of Dr Shirin Lakhani! I would never put my face or body in the hands of another aesthetic doctor she is the best I’ve ever met and am so grateful to her for the confidence I have regained.

Ms NI, London

I am very pleased with my plexr results from Dr Shirin, the little hook on the area just under my eyebrows has gone along with my pigmentation marks, my eyes are much tighter and all without surgery. Looking forward to my tear trough filler.

Ms BDO, Guernsey

Dr Shirin made me feel very relaxed and comfortable during my procedure and the outcome was amazing. It was only some cheek and a small amount of lip filler but I felt and looked 10 years younger. You will not find a more professional or capable doctor than Dr Shirin Lakhani.

Ms MR, Kent

So so pleased with my second microneedling treatment with Charlotte.
I felt very comfortable and relaxed considering I was nervous about having microneedling done to treat my large pores, pigmentation and uneven skin tone.
Charlotte told me step by step what she was doing and answered all of my questions.
Looking forward to my next one. Thank you my skin feels smoother already! Xx

Ms Maskell, Dartford

A great discovery in the neighbourhood! There is no need to go up to London for a beauty treatment of any kind. You’ll find a whole range of different treatments suiting all age groups and concerns. Welcoming, reassuring, friendly, professional, high tech. I shall be back for more!

J. Garza

Absolutely amazing! I’ve had a few treatments there now and each time they have been amazing. So friendly and welcoming. Can’t wait to start my next lot. See you soon ladies xx

Ms E Johns - Greenhithe

Dr. Lakhani is, without doubt, the kindest and most caring physician you could ever ask for.
She is knowledgable and would never try to push any unnecessary added extras like so many aesthetic practitioners today.
I feel completely confident when recommending her to friends and family and no one has ever been disappointed.
She is the ultimate professional. I am always thrilled with results.


I’ve just had my first Hydra Facial at Elite Aesthetics and amazed at the results. A few friends have commented on my skin and said I looked
refreshed. I can see a difference in my pores and my skin is just glowing. Thanks to Charlotte for recommending this treatment for me!
Charlotte explained the treatment and benefits which I saw immediately after the treatment, especially an improvement in fine lines and smoother, softer skin.
I’ve already booked in for my next treatment.


What I love about Dr. Shirin is she really listens to you and gives you the best advice to suit your needs and budget. Her emphasis on natural enhancement and improvements means I only want to go to her for any aesthetic treatments. I trust her. Thank you again Shirin! X


Great clinic, lovely, clean and modern. Charlotte was excellent, knowledgeable about the treatment whilst also friendly. The facial itself was very enjoyable and my skin looks and feels tighter and smoother. I highly recommend the Hydrafacial Treatment.


Dr Shirin’s professional approach fills you with confidence. The clinic is modern and efficiently run. They certainly do their utmost to help and advise their clients. I am 100% satisfied that I made the right decision in choosing Elite Aesthetics!

  • Accreditations

  • accreditations

We have extensive knowledge and experience in the medical and aesthetics industries, but we know that above all, the results matter! All of our treatments are vigorously tested in-house before we offer them to our clients to ensure they are safe, effective and will give you, our wonderful clients, the results you want. Your happiness, well-being and satisfaction are at the very core of everything we do here at Elite Aesthetics, and as a result we will never over-treat or carry out a procedure that Dr. Shirin, deems inappropriate or unsafe. Ethical treatment guides our practice, and we aim to become an industry leader in this respect. This means you can always feel confident that you are in safe hands when you choose Elite Aesthetics.

Our practice is led by our founder, Dr. Shirin Lakhani, who is an advocate for greater regulation in the aesthetics industry. Dr. Shirin and Elite Aesthetics believe greater regulation is vital to the development of aesthetics industry as a whole, and as such, our clinic’s philosophy is based on providing doctor-led care to the highest, medically approved standards. We adhere to stringent ethical and medical principles ensuring all the procedures we offer are safe and effective. Dr. Shirin is also fully registered with the GMC (reference number 4634863), and Elite Aesthetics is Save Face accredited, an endorsement recognised by the UK Government, The Department of Health, NHS England and the CQC (Care Quality Commission).

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