Silhouette Soft – A Patient’s Experience

The Silhouette Soft thread lift is a revolutionary treatment taking the UK by storm. Dubbed “the puppet facelift” and “the one-stitch face-lift” in recent media coverage, it provides a true alternative to a surgical procedure. Performed entirely under local anaesthetic, it gives immediate natural lift as well as progressive restoration of lost collagen. There is little downtime and long-lasting effect.


One of my patients has shared her experience below…

“Dr. Shirin Lakhani and I discussed what I was hoping to achieve from the procedure and what Silhouette Soft could attain in this regard.  We decided upon having four threads (two either side of the face) with the focus being the lower jawline.

After my face was cleaned and sterilised, local anaesthetic was then administered to certain areas of the face by injection.  With Dr. Lakhani being a fully qualified anaesthetist I knew I was in safe hands.

Thereafter, thread insertion and exit points were marked upon my face; a needle was then used to make holes at these points.   Following this, another needle, with the first thread, was inserted at the bottom of the lower cheek.  The thread was pushed upwards towards the exit point, exiting close to the hairline.  The second thread was inserted, as per the first, closer to my cheekbone.  The process was then repeated on the other side of my face.  The experience during this time was akin to having dental work under local anaesthesia, i.e. you could feel the process but not feel any pain, other than the occasional pricking sensation, which Dr. Lakhani took as a cue to stop and readjust the needles trajectory slightly.

Once the four threads had been inserted, they were then individually pulled tight at both ends and manipulated until they were fully embedded.  This process felt like a hard massage, a feeling which was intensified by a popping sound; much like bubble wrap being popped, inside my head.

Then with the ends of the threads snipped, it was over.  The procedure took no more than thirty minutes, during which time, Dr Lakhani was extremely professional, working with speed and obvious dexterity, whilst offering constant reassurance.

Immediately following the procedure I thought I could see a slight difference, but it was difficult to tell through the redness and puffiness.  This procedure has been described by some as a ‘lunchtime’ procedure, however, I wouldn’t advise going back to work or making plans for that evening, unless you want questions.  That evening the swelling and soreness was at its maximum and I had to take ibuprofen before going to bed.

I found the first night difficult, but this was more due to being instructed to sleep on my back with my head elevated for five nights.  As a side sleeper I was worried I would be unable to do this but actually found it quite easy after the first night.  Other aftercare included keeping the face clean and make-up free until the incision points had healed, and no saunas nor aggressive exercise for three weeks.  Though the following morning I still looked swollen, the redness had subsided, and three days following the procedure I was able to carry out an overseas business trip without there being any indication (other than a small dimple at one of the exit points, which diminished over the course of the following two weeks) of a procedure being undertaken.

My face did feel very tender and ached in varying points throughout the course of the next ten days.  At my follow-up appointment seven days later, I was concerned as could feel a lump close to my jawline, Dr. Lakhani reassured me this was localised bruising and it would subside (which it did).

A week or two later and there is a definitive improvement in the jawline, the nasolabial folds have reduced and my overall appearance is a fresher whilst remaining very natural.  I am looking forward to seeing further improvement over the next couple of months, when the results are reported to be even more noticeable.

I will have no hesitation in repeating the procedure, once the effects have disappeared (reported to last 18 months).  I also highly recommend anyone considering Silhouette Soft to contact Dr. Shirin Lakhani to discuss further.”

Silhouette Soft can be used on many different areas:

  • contours of the face
  • jawline
  • cheeks and mid-face
  • eyebrow
  • neck

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